Baby, It’s (Finally) Cold Outside

We’ve officially had our first snow fall. . . Let the frolicking begin!


I’m in love with my Kate Spade watch (similar here), a birthday gift from my parents last year. I’m very much so a fan of the clean and classic look, and this watch is no exception. I also really like this onethis one, and I adore with this one!


I haven’t worn corduroy pants since middle school, but I’m thinking I’ve been missing out these past 10 years of my life! Not only are they comfortable, they’re super warm, especially paired with some Hunters. Perfect for walking around on cold winter days. I’m thinking I’ll be investing in some more cords here pretty soon – one in every color, please!


This Pendleton coat is easily one of my favorite buys ever. I got it on sale from Nordstrom years ago, and I still wear it practically year-round. Rain or snow, you’ll see me sporting this coat.

Recently, this Plaid Club Collar coat from Pendleton has caught my fancy. How fun and festive is that!


The only thing to do post-snow-frolic is to warm up by the Christmas tree! Happy first snow fall, everyone.

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