Presque Isle, WI (Part 1)

This past Fall break, we took a trip to Presque Isle, Wisconsin. We have a cottage in northern Wisconsin, so I’ve been traveling up this way every summer since I was born. However, I have never been up here in the Fall. Suffice it to say, I absolutely fell in love in a whole new way!

Day 1

Our first day in Presque Isle was utterly gloomy, and I completely loved it! Rainy, dreary days are my absolute favorite. As weird as that might seem, it was the perfect welcome to our destination (and it makes for great pictures, too!).

DSC_0088 (1)DSC_0096 (1)DSC_0119 (1)DSC_0066 (1)DSC_0125 (1)DSC_0128 (1)DSC_0124 (1)DSC_0147 (1)DSC_0168 (1)DSC_0183 (1)

Day 2

Our second day, we took a road trip to Brockway Mountain. The trip was an all-day excursion, filled with scenic overlooks, little towns that resembled Stars Hollow, and ample gas station coffee stops.

DSC_0228 (1)DSC_0233 (1)

Rows and rows and rows of trees . . . abounding with vibrant colors. It was unlike anything I had ever seen, and something I will truly never forget!

DSC_0313 (1)DSC_0359 (1)DSC_0364 (1)DSC_0365 (1)DSC_0395 (1)DSC_0425 (1)

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