New Year’s Resolutions

I never used to be one much for new year’s resolutions. In fact, last year was the first time that I had really ever put an actual resolution into practice. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my resolution had in fact encouraged me throughout the year, and gave me the motivation to follow through.

I’ve decided that I want to continue the resolution movement and set a few more for myself this year. Here are my new year’s resolutions for 2018!

1. Read More

DSC_0448 (1)

This is actually a continuation of 2017’s resolution. I have always loved reading, but before I started making it a priority, I never got around to doing it. Between being a full time student, working a part time job, and being involved on campus, reading almost never found its way to my daily agenda.

Last year, I didn’t get through a ton of books, but what was more important to me was reading ones that have always been on my “up next” list. My top recommendations from my reading list last year would have to include The Sun Also Rises, Frankenstein, and Madame Bovary.

I am currently reading both Ulysses and The Beautiful and Damned. I also hope to conquer The Grapes of Wrath (Steinbeck is one of my all time favorite authors), and just about anything Fitzgerald or Hemingway.

2. Finance Tracking

As a college student, this one just might be the most important skill for me to get into the hang of. Between various apps, subscriptions, and technologies, money seems to disappear sometimes. I hope to avoid that feeling all together this year and keep a close eye on where my money is being spent.

I’ve raided Pinterest for templates and strategies for keeping track of finances, but I’m sure I’ll be learning a lot along the way!

3. Paleo Diet

This past summer I embarked on The Whole30 Diet. The diet essentially detoxes your body over the course of 30 days, and once you finish you discover food groups that don’t agree with your system as well as you thought they did. When I did the diet, I found that some grains and dairy products were in fact upsetting to my stomach.

While on the diet, I felt more energetic, less bloated, and all around better. However, Whole30 is very strict and only meant to be performed over 30 days. I did some research, and found that The Paleo Diet is the perfect fit for my food preferences, and it also eliminates the things that don’t agree with my body. Best part is that the food and recipes are endless, and actually delicious! I plan to lead a completely Paleo year in 2018.

4. Biblical Devotion

DSC_0006 2

This one might just be the one I am most excited about! Last year, I am embarked on a daily Bible reading plan. While it certainly was not upheld perfectly, I feel I really grew mentally and spiritually from the practice.

This year, I hope to continue that habit, but up the ante a bit. It is my goal to start each day with a quick biblical reading, and then end each day with a more in depth study of scripture. I pray that each and every day I grow spiritually, and am brought into a closer relationship with God.

5. Mini Marathon

This one in particular is a big one for me seeing that I hate running. I enjoy working out, and I am in fairly good shape. However, despite many efforts, I have never gotten into running.

This November, I plan to run the Monumental Mini Marathon in Indianapolis with my mom and a few other family friends. I still can’t really believe I committed to this (it all happened so fast!). But I’m very excited to challenge myself in new ways, and see how I can grow from this experience – both physically and mentally. Here’s to trying new things!

6. Champagne Stained Days


I have a lot of goals for the blog this year, but put simply, I hope to grow and develop more each day. As I stated here, I started this blog back in 2016 without much direction. As I have grown professionally, I have gained a renewed passion for blogging, and a real vision for Champagne Stained Days.

In October of 2017, I made the transition to WordPress, and have been growing exponentially since. I hope to continue that growth, pursue my passions further, and enjoy the ride every step of the way. I hope this blog can inspire and brighten the days of the readers. I know it does mine!


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed, and if you have any tips for me and my resolutions, particularly numbers 2 and 5, let me know. I need all the help I can get!

Happy New Year!

xx, Madison

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