The Pursuit of Passion

If you’re a student like me, you’re most likely experiencing the post Christmas break blue. This past weekend, you probably packed up your things from home, and moved back to school. You’re first day might have entailed ice skating through a frozen campus to get to your classes, all the while praying you didn’t slip, fall, and ruin your new (fill in the blank) that you just got for Christmas.

If this sound anything like your first day, then (like me), you might be in need of a little pick me up. A little inspiration to remind you just why it is you subject yourself to such harsh conditions all in the name of pursuing your passions.

I recently visited a good friend of mine who told me that it was a goal of hers to find what she was passionate about this year, or at least work towards finding that passion. This really struck a chord with me.

In the midsts of busy school schedules, work life, and an array of job applications pining for any internship you can get your hands on, it’s incredibly easy to lost sight of passion. It’s also easy to feel discouraged if you don’t have that strong sense of enthusiasm or direction yet. But, as my friend reminded me, passion is not something you know, it is something you discover.

I find these quotations and excerpts especially inspirational. We all need small and daily reminders of why we started, and where we’re going. The middle of the journey towards something great is where you’re most likely to lose track of the destination. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to know where that destination is, you merely need to keep on. I sincerely believe passion is something discovered in the journey.

xx, Madison

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