Presque Isle, WI (Part 2)

Day 3

Our third day, we drove out to a state park to see Lake Michigan and do some hiking. There, we found great views, dozens of waterfalls, and beautiful trails. We ended the day with a few beers at a brewery on the way home. Boy, did that hit the spot!

DSC_0478 (1)DSC_0488 (1)DSC_0507 (1)DSC_0564 (1)DSC_0560 (1).jpgDSC_0566 (1)DSC_0577 (1)DSC_0537 (1).jpgDSC_0558 (1).jpgDSC_0605 (1)DSC_0607 (1)DSC_0618 (1)DSC_0624 (1)DSC_0630 (1)DSC_0633 (1)DSC_0659 (1)DSC_0660 (1)

Day 4

We took off early on day four, but I got up before the sunrise so I could catch some last minute pictures. The lake was completely still; perfectly quiet. I sat at the end of the dock with my morning cup of coffee and watched the sun come up. It was such a wonderful ending to the trip.

DSC_0666 (1)DSC_0667 (1)DSC_0668 (1)DSC_0672 (1)DSC_0674 (1)DSC_0676 (1)DSC_0689 (1)

If you’re ever making the trip up into the North Woods, I highly recommend stopping by Presque Isle for its beautiful views, homebrews, and its genuine hospitality. There are few places I regard as more peaceful and relaxing than northern Wisconsin!

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